Review by Tang Y.
France, on Jul 28, 2020

Today the little elephant traveled a long way , he through so many mountains and rivers and finally arrived at his new home. He is very elegant and quiet. He was a little tired. He left the original home with a little bit of reluctance and sadness in his eyes. I told him my home that it would be a warm place. Here are many new friends and three old friends, you won't be alone.I help him put down his suitcase and coat, then let him take a hot bath and rest. I love all your works, they are like alive, they can talk to my soul, in my eyes, and I feel happy.

Review by Caroline O.
United Kingdom, on May 15, 2020

arrived today he is fantastic -I love him -very happy will certainly be adopting more!

Thank you! I'm glad you like him! You are welcome back anytime! :D
Elena Barstad
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